A Date With Shanghai



This should probably be the time, as a lifestyle blogger, that I start waffling on about how I spend my mornings spritzing expensive perfumes into my cornflakes before showering in liquid gold.

Sadly I’m not that fancy, but what I lack in elegance, Shanghai Tang more than makes up for.

One spritz and my bedroom piled with laundry and neglected plants are instantly replaced with Egyptian cotton sheets and billowing linen curtains. Okay, okay, a slight exaggeration, but bear with me.

Being a less than fully functioning adult with an inability to tidy said house or take care of my appearance (how people find time to both get dressed and apply eyeliner in the morning is mind blowing), it’s rare that I get dressed and actually feel really good about myself.

That sounds pretty depressing, but when you’ve run from the gym to the train station in less than 30 minutes, hair still wet and smelling a little questionable, then I guarantee you’ll also feel less Beyoncé and more, well, Hannah*.

Last week this magical bottle of Gold Lily appeared on my desk, and I couldn’t help but smuggle it home for a trial run and a rare opportunity to shoot outside of the studio.

Hey, I even found time to iron my shirt…

*I have a feeling every commuters morning is a similar story, yet I’m the only one who manages to look like a stray cat…




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