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First let me start with a disclaimer. I’m not usually one to endorse products, (and let’s be honest, none of us need any more of that in our lives); however when it comes to the Fitbit, I’m going to have to make one exception.

Let’s just say that if I decide to rave about a product on here, it’s because I really bloody love it, and hey, if I’m spending my hard earned cash on something, I am going to talk about it to anyone who’ll listen.

Given that I work in a digital media team (oh haii fellow tech geeks), I own an embarrassingly small amount of technology.

Aside from the usual first world ‘can’t live with-out’s’ i.e. an iPhone, Mac and an ever growing collection of cameras, I virtually own no cool gadgets. I especially never expected myself to become the kinda girl who invests in a heart rate monitoring, calorie counting wristband…


As far as impulse buys go, this is definitely one of my most successful.

I didn’t even really know what a Fitbit was a while ago. Despite the rather questionable name however, it’s probably been one of the best fitness buys I’ve ever made.

I’d recently reached a bit of a plateau in my daily training (I’ve been doing Kayla Itsines’ BBG workout religiously for a year now, alongside yoga and running), but I’ve still got a long way to go. That combined with trying to juggle ballet classes alongside my usual workouts and daily commutes meant a hectic and hard to organize schedule, which sent my anxiety into overdrive.

I’m not completely back on track (occasionally I don’t make it to the gym on a Monday morning), but I’m getting there – and there’ve been fewer naps in between my press-ups.

I know I’m not the only one who regularly experiences burnout – anyone struggling to balance a work and social life hit the same plateaus (A lot of us spend over 12 hours a day out of the house), so it’s not surprising.

But for those who also need a friendly nudge towards the cross-trainer, the Fitbit is definitely for you.


Six reasons why I’m a complete Fitbit Charge HR convert:

  1. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than a personal trainer, (and doesn’t yell at you as much)
  2. I can set actually manageable goals set within a realistic amount of time. None of that loosing 7 pounds in a week crap.
  3. It tracks your sleep –I always thought I slept quite a lot, but it turns out I spend an average of an hour a night awake or being restless.
    It’s made me more aware of how light a sleeper I am, and I now ensure I get to bed half an hour earlier (although those 6am gym sessions are no easier).
  4. It reminds me to take regular work breaks. As anyone else who works in social media knows, it never bloody sleeps.
    This means working at top speed during the day, often sat down and cramped over a laptop. Welcome Fitbit and it’s vibration alarms reminding me to take my eyes of the screen every now and then and go for a bloody walk.
    I also love that the alarm’s silent and only I can feel it – no awkward iPhone alarms during impromptu meetings – hurrah!
  5. It’s attractive. Because no one needs to be dragging a hunk of ugly plastic around on their wrist all day. Nope.
  6. And most importantly, it makes sure I don’t accidently OD on Doritos. Although, I think that setting might be faulty, ahem..


I’d love to hear whether any of you also use a fitness tracker and whether they’ve impacted your workouts in any way!


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