Flying With Panasonic






I’ve just found my new lifesaver!

I have this ever growing list of things I need to buy that’ll magically make my life easier – fleece lined tights, robotic hoover, bigger house, wireless earphones…

As any other avid BBG fans will know, all that throwing yourself around wearing your usual free-with-the-iphone earphones is a recipe for disaster. I end up tangled and angry, and seeing as most of my sports wear has no pockets (?!) I have to tuck my phone in the waist band of my leggings… Trust me, it doesn’t make for a productive workout when you have to stop every 10 seconds to hunt for you fallen phone in your crotchal region.

Unlike my other ‘life changing’ products however, the wireless earphones can now been ticked off the list. All hail Panasonic for introducing me to their Wings!

Designed for high-impact training, the Panasonic Wings are wirelessly run via bluetooth (hurrah no more accidentally yanking my earphones from the jack), are water resistant, lightweight and are designed to almost ‘clip’ onto your ear giving a more snug fit than your usual earphones.

To be completely honest it took me a million years to work out how to put them in, but after a lot of fumbling about I now know the anatomy of my ear and can clip them on in about 5 seconds. Congratulations me.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me whether they really are capable of withstanding high intensity training, and I can safely say so far so good. They’ve handled every BBG session up until now as well as a mixture of both high intensity sprint training. The only time I don’t wear them is during group classes, so it would be interesting to see how they fare during ballet and boxing..

In comparison to most earphones I’ve tried they’re really comfortable and don’t cause my ears to ache in the same way most do. The only downside really is that for me they’re a little bulky. I have tiny ears, yet they seem to fit more seamlessly on my boyfriend so are perhaps they’ve been designed more for men? This is just a guess here, or maybe I just have oddly sized ears, who knows.

As for the audio quality, I mean I’ve been surviving with my apple earphones for years, but my God I don’t think I’ll be turning back now. The clarity is better, the bass is better, I don’t have to keep my phone on full volume just to hear anything…

You do have to keep your phone/Ipod relatively close to you though. Occasionally if I’m wearing them at home I’ll wander into the next room and they’ll start to falter. Not sure whether this is in keeping with all bluetooth headphones though, but seeing as I’m never more than a room away from my phone at all times, this doesn’t really pose much of a problem for me.

I’d love to say I’ve been using them every single day, but honestly? They’ve ‘accidentally’ ended up in my boyfriends gym bag for the last week or so – I guess they’ve found themselves a new fan…

Find out more about the Panasonic Wings here!

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