Castle Ashby

I’ve worked in the fashion industry for over four years now, have a degree in fashion and textile design, I make my own clothes, I squeal over Gucci trainers and I spend a ridiculous amount of money on clothes I really don’t need (a habit I’m trying to break I swear). All that being said, I’m not that comfortable talking about fashion. It’s a strange thing seeing as I live and breathe it all day everyday, but in the same way I’m not quite comfortable telling people I’m a blogger (I’m not, I just blog) or that I know anything about fitness (I just work out six days a week), I’m still not that comfortable advising people on their wardrobes.

Who am I to tell people how to dress themselves? In fact, who is anyone to tell someone how to dress. I don’t feel comfortable advising people to wear the cut-off baggy culottes I make, because who knows, you might hate them. I wear my pyjamas on impromptu shoots (see below), I like stupid pompom slippers and no matter how I try and style hats I always just look like this little guy.


Whenever people find out what I do for a living, usually their first response is, “ooh, so what should I be wearing?” If I had a quid for every time I’ve had to stop myself screaming “WHATEVER YOU BLOODY WANT” I think I’d probably definitely be a millionaire by now.

After an impromptu shoot with my sister around the beautiful Castle Ashby grounds, I caught myself worrying what the hell I was going to talk about alongside the images. My shoes? My pyjamas? My silly straw hat? I’ve quickly come to realise though that actually most people don’t give a flying f*** what I think about my pom pom shoes.  You can see they’re nice, I’m sure you don’t need their back story. So I’ll just leave you with the above. A beautifully picturesque, comfortable and very unfashionable blog post in celebration of wearing whatever the hell you want! Enjoy.


(P.s If you actually did want to know the shoes are by Next, the pyjama top by GAP, the hat ASOS, earrings Mango and the trousers my own) 😉


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