Styling A Poncho

You’re a wizard, Harry






I admittedly don’t talk enough about fashion on my blog, at least probably not enough for someone who works in the fashion industry.

In all honesty though, I don’t really give a crap about what other people are wearing, and I couldn’t care less about you trying to justify your £800 trainers or glittered feather embellished skirt to me.

I. Don’t. Care.

Which is why when I’m getting dressed every morning, I assume no one else gives a fuck about what I’m wearing either. That thought alone makes getting ready to face the world that little bit easier, and is also why I won’t try and justify why I’m wearing what is essentially a Hogwarts uniform.

I can’t work out whether this Monki poncho is more blanket or wizard’s cape, but either way it is both one of the comfiest and most forgiving items in my wardrobe. Nipping out to buy Thai takeout for one in the cold? Throw on wizard cape.

Trying to hide said takeout food baby? Throw on wizard cape.

In an attempt to make this look less bed wear more work wear I’ve paired wizard cape with a pair of Cos ballet pumps and cropped flares. Sophisticated mythical wear. Pretty much sums up my entire wardrobe – Gandalf cloak anyone?



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