Gluttonous Gluten-Free


Madeleine Shaw is a genius.

This is usually a phrase I give to anyone who can whip up a tasty morsel i.e when mum makes macaroni cheese with little pieces of bacon, or when that new pastry chef at work who makes those insanely delicious chocolate raspberry tarts… But I feel Madeleine Shaw might just top them both.

I have been obsessed (and I mean that literally) with her raw cherry fudge ever since the night we hosted her book launch. I ran home that evening and ordered a copy of her book ‘Get The Glow’ immediately after spending the night wolfing down her canapés and downing smoothies.

Made with only seven ingredients (If you count the vanilla essence and pinch of salt), this recipe is pretty much a blended tray of heaven – Raw cacao, almond butter, coconut oil, honey and cherries, and I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve made a batch a week since ordered her book.

Probably one of the easiest and most indulgent of the refined sugar free recipes I’ve tried, and are great for if like me, you find it hard to kill your sweet tooth.

I keep mine in the fridge and just grab a little slab any time I feel myself hankering for chocolate/ice cream/ hobnobs… Word of warning though, eat them fast because these babies will turn into a melted pile of cacao goo in about five minutes!

You can find her recipe on her blog, or on the Harvey Nichols website.

Happy blending!


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