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This post has been a long time coming – the wonderful people over at Cory Vines sent me some of their key pieces a few weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy at work that all blogging has taken a huge side step. This did give me a chance to take the pieces out for a little test drive though, and I’ve been dying to introduce them to you all ever since!

I LOVE sportswear shopping. In fact it might be becoming a bit of an obsession, and I fear for my bank balance every single day. As much as I love it though, sportswear shopping isn’t easy. I’ve put it up there there on the list with jeans and swimwear shopping – it always leaves me feeling chubby, pale and a little bit sweaty.

There have been two pairs of leggings I’ve ever tried that don’t make me want to cry over my thighs, and only a few sports bras that keep everything errm, still. I find good sportswear brands really hard to come by; quite often they can’t really get the visuals and comfort aspects balanced, so I get ridiculously overly excited when I find a sports bra that is both supportive and looks good and leggings that don’t overstretch to see-through.

How lucky I felt then that trying on the pieces from Cory Vines was 100x easier than my usual gym wear experiences. The Lane bra is seamless, the Stem Cell leggings don’t give me a muffin top and the Lane jacket has this incredible layered upper which makes your waist look super tiny. I took each piece running, to yoga classes and to the gym, and not once did they let me down. I rarely choose a printed legging in the fear of drawing attention to my legs (a part of my body I find challenging to accept), but I was pleased to find that the the Stem Cell leggings were actually super flattering and don’t make me feel really bottom heavy.

Each piece is both flattering, comfortable and lightweight and I can’t wait to get my hands on more of their pieces (the neighbourhood sweater in particular). What I love about shopping this brand is how each collection is broken down into movement – The Neighbourhood Collection for light workouts such as relaxed weekend bike rides, The Path Collection for medium impact sports such as a brisk morning run and The Lane Collection for high impact exercise such as a high intensity interval training.

The next test for these pieces? Sprint training – fingers crossed!





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