Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto, Japan

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove - 2019 Update

Our week in Kyoto consisted of a lot of early starts – We arrived at Arashiyama Bamboo Grove before 7am and still could have done with getting there earlier.

When we first arrived it was just the two of us taking in the still early morning and an elderly couple taking a morning stroll. It was so quiet the only sounds were bird song and breeze rustling the bamboo leaves.

In hindsight I wish I’d spent the first ten minutes making the most of the calm (instead I was wandering around trying to take it all in), because by the time we reaching the end of the path and turned back to shoot, the crowds had already started filtering in.

30 minutes later and we were both congratulating each other on the early start, as by then the grove was absolutely rammed and the photographers had started pouring in. Sadly this area has become such an ‘instagrammable’ location now that even 7am is bustling with stressy photographers. We made a run down to the Oigawa river for an Arabica coffee before we were made to feel too unwelcome (a feeling we’ve unfortunately come to know well on our travels this year)!

We spent the rest of the morning wandering through the area, exploring Okochi Sanso garden and Kameyama park, eating way too many curry breads and soaking up the city views from atop the mountain.

 Visiting Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Address: Arashiyama, Ukyo-ku // 右京区嵐山

Opening Times: 24 hours (please be mindful however that this is a residential area. Please show respect by not visiting too late or making too much noise)!

Admission Fee: Free

How to get there:

Arashiyama bamboo grove is a ten minute walk from Saga Arashiyama station (JR line), or a five minute walk from Arashiyama station on the Henkyu railway

Other places to visit in the area:

Kameyama Park

Monkey Park Iwatayama

Tenryuji Temple


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