Ballet For The Uncoordinated

The Obsession Begins



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Never in a million years would I have imagined myself taking ballet.

I didn’t get far as a child after realising that Hannah + the stage = a crying shaking mess.
It’s quite ironic considering two of my closest family members are incredibly talented ballet dancers – and then there’s me, the most ungraceful thing to have ever stepped up to the barre.

All jokes aside though, throwing myself into ballet as an adult as been the most challenging yet rewarding thing I’ve ever done. This is my fourth month now, and although I only get a chance to take three classes a week, I’ve already seen massive improvements.

I was one of those people who assumed ballet was just for those willowy 15 year olds, imagine my surprise then when I was told that actually, starting ballet as an adult is a lot better for your body. You’ve finished growing, you’re less likely to damage yourself (apart from you know, straining the odd hip), and your feet and ankles are stronger. Plus, as an adult with no future hope of a dance career, there’s none of the added pressure of exams, auditions or having to look the part.

My first ever lesson was a complete shock to the system – despite resistance training 4 times a week, my body was no where near strong enough to handle even the most basic of steps. The first 60 minutes consisted of me clinging helplessly to the barre, pouring with sweat and swearing profusely over my battement tendus. Not much has changed there…

No matter how much I curse my hyperextended knees, or how frustrating it is to fall out of a pirouette, I’ve never experienced anything as rewarding as ballet. When once yoga was my only downtime, my ballet classes have become a new way to unwind. There’s something about walking through the double doors of the all white Dancebox studio, the excited chattering of the dressing room and the gentle thud of pointe shoes next door that makes me forget all of my worries. For a couple of hours, it’s just me, my two left feet and an incredibly supportive dance teacher.

My turnout may be poor and my arabesque laughable, but ballet is by far my favourite pastime *chasse’s away*




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