Cheonggyecheon Stream, Seoul, South Korea

I love an urban green space, and as soon as we booked flights to Seoul we knew a lot of our time there would be spent exploring Cheonggyecheon stream – a 10km stretch of water flowing through the heart of the city.
After the Korean war, Cheonggyecheon became a neglected waterway that ran under an overpass. Since it’s restoration in 2005 though, it’s now a wonderfully tranquil walkway that starts somewhere between City Hall and Jonggak station and flows into the Han river.
Our Airbnb sat overlooking the head of the stream, and as it flows through many popular tourist destinations it was perfect for when we fancied taking the scenic route. Walking alongside the cool, babbling water and skipping over the stepping stones you feel like you’re a world away from the crowded high-rise streets above you.
We spent so much time people watching and dipping our toes that taking photos took a backseat. In hindsight I really wish I’d picked my camera up more, however I’ll leave you with the few photos I did remember to snap.

If you’re looking to stay near Cheonggyecheon yourself, we stayed in this adorable Airbnb overlooking on the stream.

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