Finding Balance

I get it.

Everyone wants to be more successful, more productive and want to feel like they’ve achieved something with their life. I feel like that every single day. There are days/weeks/months when I literally cannot remember where my time went, and all I can remember are the hours I spent pulling my hair out over Instagram – tragic, no?

There’s also this unspoken rule between everyone in their early twenties that we all have to be busy all the bloody time. God forbid we admit we had 15 minutes slumped on the sofa today because that automatically labels us as a MASSIVE FAILURE.

When you’re racing through life at 100mph with a never ending to do list, you might feel like you’re being productive or successful. But you might also wake up at 35 and wonder where the hell your 20’s went, and that admittedly, is one of my biggest fears. Which is why instead of sprinting my way through life and spending my weekends tucked in bed having a mental breakdown, I’ve decided to slow the fuck down.

And it is glorious.

*Side note – Don’t get me wrong, I love my job – I  just don’t want my memories of my 20’s to be based around the inside of an office block.

Anyway, here are a few handy tips to help you balance your life and chill the fuck out

Learn To Love The Morning

Even if you’re not an early bird, getting in the habit of freeing up your evenings to spend however the hell you want makes you feel as though you actually have control of your life. Never would I thought I could fit three ballet lessons into my week, or have time to cook in the evening. I’ve even booked myself onto a Wednesday evening language course – HEY FREE TIME!

Early morning gym sessions

I love working out in the morning as a way of setting up my day in a positive way. Exercise is strangely thereputic, and working out my frustrations early on is enough to make feel more determined to get on with my day straight away. Besides, who honestly wants to head to the gym at 8pm after work for a HIIT session? That’s right, no one.

Utilising the morning commute

Learning on the go is the best way to spend what would be wasted time squashed in someone’s armpit. Whether it’s just checking work emails from the night before, reading up on all of Google’s algorithm changes since 2001 (yawn) or practicing your Hangul, commuting is the best way to get ahead of any studying that would otherwise be eating into precious evening pyjama wine time.

Schedule your meetings for the morning

I think it’s about time the world realised that some people’s brains switch off after about 3pm (i.e mine). I secretly want to murder anyone who schedules a meeting in after 4:30pm because I know full well I won’t be paying half the attention I would be at 7:30am when my brain is basically like this: ✨⚡️ 🔥

Talk It Out

Find a listener

Yes I’m 25 now, but I’ll happily admit I call my Mum all the time. I’m a massive Mummy’s girl and she’s one of the only people who can talk me out of a hysterical moment without thinking I’m completely insane. Sometimes all you need to unwind is someone to vent your frustrations to (not too often though, they’ll hang up on you).  My boyfriend, my cat and my Mother are usually the poor victims who have to put up with me ranting about train costs or crap coffee or other really unimportant first world problems.

Get Social

I’m more than happy to give up my social life during the week in favour of a yoga session and an early night. Some of us aren’t cut out for yet more socialising after spending 8 hours  in a room full of colleagues. I am one of those people. As unsociable as I am though, I do understand the importance of making time for friends when you know you’ll be capable of holding a conversation without a) being an irritable arse or b) falling asleep. Which means I usually reserve at least one day every weekend for some form of social thing. Even if it’s just driving to my Grandad’s for a cuppa..

Leave The Office Behind

Learn to switch off

Working in social media is thrilling, fast-paced and non-stop fun. It can however be hard to put that fun down when you finish work. Although I occasionally break this rule, I’m trying my hardest to bury my phone(s) somewhere deep in the house after 8pm because actually any emails at that time can wait until the morning when I’m not in the shower, and also leave me alone I’m trying to do yoga.

Having interests outside of the Office/Studio

For a while the gym was enough to give me some regular routine away from work, but after a while even that started to feel too much like ‘work’. Ballet a few nights a week and on a Saturday morning take me away from the routine of work and remind me that there’s more to life than just eating, sleeping, working and repeating.

Weekend trips

This doesn’t have to mean jetting off to a warmer climate once a month (although if you can then well, lucky you), but even just a day or night spent an hour away is enough to help you unwind and forget about those niggley little problems at home. Weekend breaks to Bath, the Cotswolds or spa retreats are among my favourite quick and relatively inexpensive getaways for a little mid-month refresh.

These photos were all taken at Champneys at Henlow, and it was probably one of the most relaxing days ever, filled with healthy food, fluffy robes and pampering. Plus their no phone policy was a much needed saviour (although I did lose my boyfriend twice) – Lol at my relationships without technology… 😒









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