Day of birth


A rather fitting title I think considering that 1) this is my first post after a five month hiatus, and 2) these photos were actually taken on my birthday, (seriously if one more person tells me how winter babies should adore the cold, I’m going to strangle them with my fleece lined tights).

As is typical of the January-born, I ventured out into a pretty cold and dreary London in a desperate search of something –anything– to do.

There’s little promising about being born immediately post Christmas. Everyone’s poor, dieting and alcohol free because well, they’re all insane. If I never felt guilt, I’d just stay in bed every year eating wotsits. That being said, this year I awoke feeling pretty optimistic and so dragged my poor boyfriend all the way to zone 4 in search of tropical paradise.



DSCF2683-copy copy




Kew Garden never disappoints, and wandering through sticky rainforests in a heavy wool coat definitely took my mind off the sub-zero temperatures outside.(Thankfully these photos were taken before having to peel off said sweaty coat.) Part of me wonders why on earth I’ve decided to commit to blogging again. My current pace of life means I struggle to even find time to shower (shh don’t tell anyone), let alone take on a hobby that requires the same commitment as a second career!

I wonder how long it’ll take for me to start tearing my hair out?

Watch this space…

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