The Perfect Proenza


Once again I prove myself to be the queen of man repelling fashion. I joke. In reality I’ve grown very comfortable with my extensive wardrobe of huge jumpers and ankle bashers. For someone who works in the fashion industry, I wouldn’t say I was particularly interested in Farshunn. I wear what I like and I can’t really see my style differing much between now and the next 60 years (apart from perhaps a blue rinse). As long as I can sprint for the tube, survive a British rainstorm, eat a three course meal and complete a squat challenge in it, I’ll wear it.

To me though, my wardrobe is about more than just style and comfort. I find adulting correctly pretty tricky – Before my twenties I’d never really given much thought to the correlation between the way people treat me and the way I dress. In my teens I wore dresses and curled my hair and wasn’t particularly fussed if I was only seen as the ‘cute’ one. I didn’t really mind that people spoke over me or assumed I didn’t have an opinion. When I got to uni though, something changed. As soon as I entered a world I actually cared about, I wanted people to listen to me. So I binned the dresses, I shaved my head and I only wore black. People listened 🎉

It’s that balance between those two styles that took me so long to find and which makes up my wardrobe today. Before I leave in the morning I find myself looking at my reflection and asking “Will anyone take me seriously in this?” Most of the time I still look like a 12 year old, but I think I’m getting there. About once I week I catch myself as I’m leaving my house and I think, “You look like an actual woman – you got this”.

Sometimes the balance isn’t quite right though, and I have to use that man repelling, fifty year old cat lady wardrobe to my advantage. If like me and most of the clothing you own is the size of a tent, the next time someone talks to you in baby language,  just slip your head inside your jumper like a tortoise and back out of the room. Or in case of no easy exit you can try lying on the floor and hope people mistake you for a decorative rug.

Shop the look 👇

Proenza Hava bag

Anissa Kermiche Earrings

Zara sandals





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  • I feel like I’m going to comment on the same things on every single one of your blog posts but seriously your layout and blog style is INSANE. It’s like a fashion mag I am in loooove

  • “… in case of no easy exit you can try lying on the floor and hope people mistake you for a decorative rug” lol

    Love your style, this outfit looks so comfy and it totally stylish!!