Exploring Bath, Somerset


Things to do in Bath:

Bath. The city of identical houses, and cars worth more than my life.

Upon arrival I immediately congratulated myself for not offering to drive – Somehow I don’t think my beaten up Micra would have been invited to the Porsche party.

Apart from the abundance of wealthy old men, Bath is really quite beautiful.

I’m always a little surprised when I fall in love with the UK. I feel we have a deeply engrained distrust of British holidays (mainly because you can’t sunbathe in the rain), but seeing as this year I’m not having a luxury get-away, I’m digging out my raincoat and wellies instead.

James and I don’t really fare well in cold climes, so this could be interesting/ pretty dangerous if his crying over the wind was anything to go by.

Seriously though, if you don’t like the wind steer clear of Bath! I felt like we’d perish battling those hills against a gale. Maybe some old dear would have found us weeks on, huddled pathetically under a layer of dust, magnum still in hand.

Thankfully we lived to tell the tale, and despite the unpredictable forecast had a really lovely, relaxing weekend. Exactly what we were after.

Here are a few of our fave bits (and if, like me, map reading isn’t your strong suit, I’ve even pinned them for you).


1/ The Royal Crescent

1 Royal Crescent, Bath, Avon BA1 2LR

Probably one of the most photographed areas of Bath (excluding the actual er, bath’s).. I was pleased to find the photos lived up to my expectations – In fact, I was taken aback by just how big it is. Luckily we had a good excuse to keep walking through, as we were staying in another crescent further up the hill (Lansdown Crescent in case you’re ever after a B&B with beautiful views across the city).

If you’re feeling spendy though, the Royal Crescent hotel is situated smack bang in the middle (see pic above with the topiary bushes).


2/ Colonna & Small’s

6 Chapel Row, Bath

I think this may be one of my favourite coffee destinations of all time.

Not only is the coffee incredible, you can tell everyone there is so passionate about what they do. And I love someone with a passion for the coffee bean.

Not only that, the interior is an absolute dream. As soon as I walked in the door and spied heavy wooden tables, identical blue cups and a fluffy dog, there was no turning back. In fact James practically had to drag me out when it was time to move on.

Sadly I didn’t get as many pictures of the places itself as it was heaving (and no one wants to spend a whole day blurring out faces), but I got pretty snap happy with the coffee…

Bath6 copyBath20

3/ Hay Design

36-37 Milsom St, Bath, BA1 1DN

A minimalists haven. I left a path of destruction through this store as I cradled everything before casting it aside for the next one. Sleek grey armchairs, concrete plant pots and more stationary I’d ever use in a lifetime. I came away with a pair of kitchen scissors, a notebook and a pack of post-it-notes, all if which will just sit in my house looking pretty.

Bath26 copy

4/ Sam’s Kitchen

61 Walcot Street, Bath,  BA1 5BN

If you’re looking for a quick breakfast/ lunch pit stop then Sam’s Kitchen is the place for you.

Located on Walcott street (that road with all the little independent boutiques and markets), Sam’s Kitchen is the kind of café you can crawl into and never leave. In fact, you could probably curl up here with a book and a coffee and no one would bat an eyelid until closing.

It’s really tiny, so at the moment they’re spilling out onto the pavement outside – luckily for us it was sunny at this point, so we tucked into their salad and tart washed down with fresh carrot and ginger juice. Plus I was sat next to a tiny fluffy puppy. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

Definitely a must visit if you’re also into lazy lunching.


Other places worth a mosey:

  •  The Roman baths
  • Thermae Bath Spa (we ran out of time before we had a chance to visit, but it’s top of my list for next time)
  • Paxton and Whitfeild – For THE best cheeses
  • Katherine Fraser – A tiny little boutique on Walcot St featuring hand woven basics. Think Acne style tees and loose fitting dresses. You can also watch them hand weave in store which is incredible.

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