Le Jardin Secret, Marrakech, Morocco

“In the heart of Le Jardin Secret, as is common in Islamic gardens, there is a spring of water. The fountains, the marble cups and the basins of the riad give life to plays of light, while the continuing springing up of water fosters the serenity of the surroundings as well as contemplation.”

It was a hot day, we’d been walking all morning and we’d just received a blow in the form of Ben Youssef and it’s two-year closure for refurbishment. Le Jardin Secret was a welcome respite given I was also starting to get hangry and was in desperate need to unwind.

Slip through an archway within the medina walls, and enter this shady oasis dotted with fountains, water cups and dappled shade.

Le Jardin Secret recently reopened in 2016, after an extensive refurbishment from near desolation. The origins of Le Jardin Sceret hark back to the early part of the sixteenth century, before being destroyed towards the end of the seventeenth centaury after the decline of the Saadian dynasty, and as well the ornate architecture and stunning landscaping, the exhibitions on the refurbishment it’s history was absolutely fascinating – It’s unbelievable to think this incredible and historical space was almost lost forever!

Embodying the nicknames Marrakech has become reknown (“A rose among the palm trees”, “An oasis in the desert”), Le Jardin Secret is a true example to why Marrakech is also known as The Garden City.

Enjoy a lazy stroll around the gardens, replenish the body (and soul) with a mint tea and laze in shade for a few hours.

Le Jardin Secret is open 7 days a week from 9:30am – 5:30pm (Winter) 6:30 pm (Spring) and 7:30pm (Summer) and has a 50 dihram entry fee for adults and is free for children.

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