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Porridge Cafe




“Just one last treat” she says, shoveling another spoonful of peanut butter into her mouth…

That has been my life for the last week as I prepare for a harrowing three weeks of detoxing.

Before you get all judgemental on me, no this is not a juice, water, or weird maple syrup/cayenne pepper cleanse- just your usual extremely strict clean eating.

Believe it or not this also isn’t for weight loss (although wouldn’t that be nice)?… I won’t go into the deets right now, but the freedom from allergies are what I’m on the hunt for, although I won’t say no to the apparent extra energy and ‘sparkling eyes’ that come alongside it.

I mean come on, who doesn’t want sparkling eyes… right?



This is also what I kept telling myself as I indulged in what has to be THE most delicious brunch I have ever eaten (it even beats eggs benedict, and that’s no easy feat).

I soon as I caught wind of a Porridge Café opening in Old Street I was there before they’d even opened! *Okay slight exaggeration; I waited a week and turned green with envy at everyone ‘gramming their hearty bowls*

We finally made it over there for the weekend menu though and as expected, it was ah-mazing!

I don’t know why it’d never crossed my mind to top my oats with maple syrup and bacon before, but trust me it’s now going to be a regular thing (after dreaded detox). Oh, and the white chocolate, cherry and almond creation was possibly the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.

Although the café itself it pretty small (my boyfriend and I shared a cosy table with four or five other brunch dates), it has such a lovely atmosphere and I highly recommend eating in rather than taking out.





I’m a massive fan of minimal branding, and Porridge Café have that down to a T; clean black shop front, pale washed walls, minimal furnishings and that incredible wooden table! Plus, anywhere with Totoro on the wall gets my seal of approval.

You’d be fooled into thinking they’re just another gimmicky Shoreditch pop-up or only serve your average porridge; but with at least five sweet and savoury choices to choose from and grains ranging from your traditional rolled oats to buckwheat, risotto, polenta and quinoa, this is far from your standard brekkie. Our choices for example were made from a mix of spelt, barley and rye cooked on a base of chicken stock (the savoury option) and milk and honey (the sweet).

Obviously as a pop-up, they’re were only around for a month – really depressing as I was hoping to work my way through their entire menu – slow cooked beef, ragu and feta anyone?!

For now though, I’m off to scoff the rest of that peanut butter…

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