St Dunstan In The East, London

Finding green spaces in London I think will always be a fond pastime of mine. I tend to feel a little smug when, in the midst of a busy working day I’m still able to seek out moments of calm in the most unexpected of spaces.

St Dunstan in the east is just one of those spaces. Former church and now public garden, St Dunstan in the east was built in the 12th century and destroyed during the blitz of 1941 – the only full remaining structure being the steeple which is still in tact.

I visited on a weekday in December during a strange limbo period between quitting my job and going travelling for 6 months. In times of unease, the quiet of gardens and churchyards helps settle my racing thoughts. During the summer months, the walls are alive with greenery as climbers scale the old church walls. In the winter months it’s a little more paired back, the bare stone a reminder of the resilience of our ancient architecture.

If you find yourself anywhere between Tower Hill and Monument, is desperate need of some quiet respite, here’s your space.

Location: St Dunstanā€™s Hill, London EC3R 5DD / Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 8am – 7pm / Admission – Free

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