Anissa Kermiche

Anissa Kermiche

“A good way to stay healthy is to eat more Chinese food”


No joke, this was a legit fortune I pulled out one of the above cookies. I think this may be the first time in my life I feel happy to take advice from a biscuit 😂

Although not written in a cookie form, I still believe it was fate/destiny/a desperate need to break my bank balance (call it what you may), that brought me and these Anissa Kermiche Panier Dores earrings together. We first set eyes upon each other many months ago across an editorial campaign and before I knew it I was nonchalantly hanging about in the Harvey Nichols jewellery department, whispering sweet nothings as I walked past. I even bought cream linen dresses; preparing myself for the uber relaxed, slightly tanned, all white wearing version of me I’d become as soon as I owned them.

In reality I look exactly the same, but now I’ve become the women who clings onto her earlobes every morning in case they suddenly decide to hurl themselves into the gap between the train and the platform. But I’ve also become the woman that owns a bloody great pair of earrings and I think that beats any public transport fears.

Fate credit card, I think I might believe in you more often…


Earrings – Anissa Kermiche

Top and trousers – Zara






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