Two Weeks In Thailand




These were taken such a long time ago that I feel as though I’ve aged about 25 years since then. I was going to make some sort of ‘Oh I’ve been so busy living in the modern world’ excuse, but in truth I just didn’t want to spend hours editing white sands and clear sea for fear of looking out my living room window and sobbing.

I’ve wracked my brain since then trying to remember what the hell we actually did in Thailand.

I go to rattle off tales of bad tattoos, heavy drinking and ping-pong shows, until I realise those were my friends traveling stories and I actually spent my time sat in a library; (honestly though it was an art students heaven. THEY HAD BOOKSHELF LADDERS)! Don’t pretend that doesn’t excite you…

Holiday stories are forever the bane of my life considering I don’t like drinking and sunbathing bores me to tears, (so I’m essentially the most boring person in the world). HOWEVER judging by the array of photos, I can gather we spent most of the time doing absolutely nothing, which suits me just fine.


Although we won’t talk about the 3 days I spent hallucinating in bed while my boyfriend spoon-fed me pizza.


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