That Time Of The Year – Turning 25

It’s not everyday you turn a quarter of a century. 25 isn’t even a particularly monumental age – too old for irresponsible fun and too young for a midlife crisis.

Turning 25 sounds pretty boring actually. I feel a least ten years older than I actually am, which may be fine now but will be pretty tragic in ten years time….

I don’t really know where I expected to be aged 25, but looking at my life it seems about right. A teeny-tiny rented home, a cat and a constantly empty purse.

I tried to think of 25 things I’d like to do while I’m 25. I couldn’t think of that many, so I came up with 10 instead.

  1. Travel more
    I’ve somehow managed to slot a total of five European countries into my travel schedule this year (starting with Denmark in three days), and I’m ridiculously excited! I’ve become great friends with the long weekend break and it’s wonderful!
  2. Focus on my blog
    I absolutely love blogging and put the majority of my weekend hours into gathering content and I can’t wait to put more free time into editing and creating new concepts.
  3. Up my fitness goals
    I’ve made so many changes in regards to my health in the last two years, but there’s still so much progress to be made. I’ve recently altered by fitness regime for the next few months so fingers crossed this year I’ll see more results.
  4. Learn to surf
  5. Get to know the countr(ies) I live in
    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a southern snob, and there are so many places left in the UK that I haven’t yet explored. Scotland and a few English coastal regions are up there on the list for this year – road trip?!
  6. Downsize
    This is something I’ve been trying to do for years, but after moving in with someone with as much of a fashion buying habit as me, our house has become more walk-in-wardrobe than relaxing, minimal haven. It’s time.
  7. Spend less money on material items and more on travel
  8. De-stress
    I am the worst person at learning how to de-stress and end up spending my evenings seething over the fact I don’t have a bathtub and candles and all those relaxing things. Apparently though all you need to do to relax is breathe. I should probably try that.
  9. Learn to say NO
    This will probably take me a life time to learn, but there’s only so many favours a person can do. OKAY
  10. Cook more
    I’ve already covered this in my New Year post, but I came to the realisation this year that I’m a fully grown adult who can’t really cook. This year is this year I become a master chef.








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