The University Of Cambridge Botanic Garden, Cambridge

For the past few weeks (okay, months), I’ve found myself wallowing in self pity over the end of summer. Darker morning, chilly evenings and the thought of having to buy a new winter wardrobe has kept me at home eating pasta rather exploring green spaces. Which is why this weekend’s visit to The University Of Cambridge Botanic Gardens felt even better than usual. Exploring glasshouse upon glasshouse felt almost therapeutic, especially since it was still a chill in the air despite the late morning, and the rolling fog across the lawns gave them an awe of mysticism. 

Unfortunately I had technical issues (no spare camera battery – a rookie error), so all photos were taken on my iPhone and don’t do the gardens justice. The glasshouses have undergone a big restoration in the last five years, and it’s safe to say they’re some of my favourites. The natural wooden structures are beautiful, and are such a stark contract to the greenery inside. Our hungry bellies eventually pulled us away, but we could have happily spent all day here. 

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