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Although I work in the industry, fashion isn’t something I choose to blog about much. There are so many people out there blogging about their daily wardrobes, and I guess I just don’t care about the clothes on my back that much to do the same. I will however talk very briefly about how fashion plays such a huge role in our growth and sense of self-esteem.

My teenage wardrobe consisted primarily of too-long jeans (this was before I became friends with a sewing machine), a pair of God awful trainers and the plainest please-don’t-notice-I-exist T-shirt’s.

As embarrassing as it may be, I love looking back at old awkward photos. I’m a true believer in that our fashion choices represent who we are and how we feel about ourselves. If my 13 year old denim wearing self was anything to go by, I was a quiet and insecure. I hid behind a mane of long hair, wore too much concealer and over plucked my eyebrows. I remember going shopping with a friend and buying this hideous necklace with a little strawberry on the end, but was too terrified to wear it in case someone noticed it. It’s so ironic that at that age all you want is people to know you exist, but you try and hide anyway in case they notice you for all the wrong reasons.

Fast-forward 5 years to 18 year old me when I tried to annoy my then boyfriend by wearing ugly second hand everything to try and prove a point. I can’t remember what the point was now, but I do know it resulted in HUGE faux fur jackets paired with lacy gowns and massive farmer boots. I really hope my point was made.

It was around this same time during dinner when one friend pointed out another’s hat as if she was wearing camel on her head. Apparently she’d never seen anything so weird as a hat before, which in itself is the strangest thing I’ve ever heard. Apparently it’s not just what you wear that reveals your personality, but also your reaction to how others dress.

Skip another 6 years (holy shit) to my now wardrobe – a sea of oversized monochrome, grey and navy jumpers & a few silk culottes. Goodbye gowns, hello neoprene turtlenecks. I also replaced that faux fur thing with a coat that looks like a dressing gown. Actually, maybe I haven’t changed that much after all.

I like to think I’ll still be dressing this way in my mid thirties, but who can tell. If the last ten years are anything to go by I dread to think what I could be wearing by then, but as people grow, change and adapt, so does their wardrobe and I for one can’t wait. Full closet of The Row anyone? 🙏



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