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I’m sure every internet dwelling creature has been met with the same quizzical looks from their friends every time they share a link to their latest blog post.

Sharing snippets of my life over the internet is something I’ve never really questioned. I mean I don’t share everything, but blogging to me has always felt very natural. As a chronically shy child and teenager it seemed such a natural transition to write and talk to people online rather than struggling to voice my opinions in real life. At university we were all expected to be blogging regularly and to have an online presence ready for when we transitioned into ‘the real world’.

So I’m always a little baffled when my friends scroll through my blog or Instagram being all “Like, why though?”.

I started to really think about it – Why do I blog? I ask myself this a lot when I’ve had a particularly long week, or the lighting is unexpectedly awful the day I planned to shoot, but generally I love the whole blogging experience. I love the internet, I’ve met so many wonderful friends through social media – Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter… Real life friends who I’ve formed bonds with through our love of art, music or yoga. I mean where else can I meet people to obsess over my love of Shinee, or find amazing women to go on smoothie and ballet dates?

I’ve had some sort of blog for at least ten years and although I may not be very good at giving advice, you never know if your words or experience could help someone. Besides, blogging is so much fun! Like most creatives I love the whole process of putting a blog post together; the drafting of ideas, the photography and styling, editing, writing and finalising. It’s almost like a mini project I get to create each week, and although it means I have to give up a large chunk of my weekends to gathering content and my evenings to editing, what else would I be doing with all that spare time?

Our generation is a busy one and most of us are juggling full time jobs with part-time jobs and courses to further our future jobs… It’s exciting and creative and incredible, so it does baffle me when people don’t utilise their social media to it’s full potential. It’s like a huge online portfolio, and I know its perhaps more necessary for some (I work in social media, so not being active on social media would just be daft), but it’s no lie when future employers say they Google search prospective employees and trawl through their social media before interviewing them.

With blogging comes the possibility of meeting life-longs friends, visiting incredible places, learning new skills and potential career opportunities so actually, why the hell wouldn’t you blog?!

Well, this is what I’ll continue telling myself the next time someone asks why my Instagram is all one colour…

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